Abzetdin Adamov

Abzetdin Adamov

Co-Director, Data Sciences Research & Training Center, School of Information Technology & Engineering, ADA University

Dr. Abzetdin Adamov is co-director of Center for Data Science Research & Training (CeDSRT) and faculty member of School of Information Technology & Engineering at the ADA University. He is the founding Chairman of the IEEE Azerbaijan Computer Society Chapter since 2011 and Senior Member of IEEE. He is a General Chair of the IEEE International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies (www.aict.info) and a Chairman of the International Forum - Big Data Day Baku (BDDB2016) (www.cedawi.org/BDDB2016).

He offers a number of modules in the graduate and undergraduate programs of Computer Science and Engineering including Big Data Analytics, Web Data Mining, Large-scale Data Management, Object Oriented Programming, Internet Technologies, Web Programming and Design.

Dr. Adamov has over 20 years of working experience on ICT and advanced technologies application in education, research and businesses as developer, solution provider and system designer. He initiated, managed and successfully deployed at the Qafqaz University the project of Integrated University Management Information System as a single point of access to all the electronic services university offers for students, faculty and staff.

He holds a Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Southern Federal University (Russia).