Petr Dzyuba

Petr Dzyuba

Head of IM B2B, Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia

Dzyuba Petr Aleksandrovich was born in Almaty, 8th of July 1986.

Petr graduated Kazakh-Turkish Boys High School in May 2004. Winner of regional Olympiads.

At 2013 he continued education and finished business course at Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

In 2007 he worked as a project manager at International Exhibition EXPO. At the same year he was appointed to chief accountant assistant at American Chamber of Commerce.

In September 2009 he became Director of Analytics and Coordination inф company, specializing in export of grains and flour. For one year he introduced the company to the new markets (China, Israel, Turkey) and decreased operation costs by 10%.

In October 2007 he started to work in “Kcell” Company as Analyst Specialist. In two years Petr got a promotion to Product and Pricing Senior Specialist. He launched new offer which allowed retention, eliminating competitor threats and introduced the system of rapid tariff analysis. He got appreciation from CEO for contribution to company development.

In 2013 he became supervisor in “Kcell” company. He leaded a 17 person team and managed corporate sales. The winner of TS Eurasia Global Telecom Vision.

From 2013 to 2015 he worked as head of Customer Development Section. The team created new products for the company. Company revenues on individual services increased 3 times due to cohesive team work under the guidance of Petr.

From 2015 to July 2017 he was working as an Acting Manager in “Kcell” and was responsible 80% of revenue in B2B sales. He got silver award for Kcell Execution Excellence.

He has joined Samsung team in July 2017 & is responsible for corporate mobile sales in Middle Asia & Mongolia.